Material tests


The laboratory has a composite testing station including:

  • servo-hydraulic test frame MTS 809, for performing tests in a complex stress condition (axial-torsion tests) – strength 100 kN, torque 1 100 Nm
  • temperature chamber: from -129ºC to 315ºC,
  • extensometers,
  • displacement sensor,
  • universal testing machine MTS Criterion C45 for performing static tests,
  • software MTS MultiPurpose TestWare.

The laboratory performs tests on plastics, elastomers, wood, textiles, metals and composites according to the applicable standards or customer's requirements.

The laboratory’s range of services includes: compressive, bending, stretching, separating, peel, shear and fatigue tests and module measurement.

During the tests, the tested facilities can be monitored using the acoustic emission method by an AMSY-6 device (structural micro-cracks and defects diagnosis under acoustic emission load) or with a high-speed camera.