Infrared testing (active thermography)


We provide measurements at a high level guaranteed by the ITC certificate.

The ITC certificate is issued by the INFRARED TRAINING CENTER in Stockholm to confirm the unit's competence in terms of performing and analysing infrared tests and measurements.

The Materials Research Laboratory offers professional complex infrared testing for a wide range of industries. 

Furthermore, the laboratory has an Ir-NDT system implemented for non-destructive infrared testing, including:

  • FLIR SYSTEMS SC 655 camera
  • FLIR SYSTEMS E 60 camera
  • software with two alternative evaluation algorithms: Lockin and Transient
  • different thermal excitation methods including:
    - optical (2.5 kW and 5 kW)
    - ultrasonic (Branson head)

The Ir-NDT method allows:

  • testing of composites (delaminating, porosity, cracks, dissection, discontinuities),
  • turbine blade tests,
  • detection of corrosion under a paint layer,
  • aircraft sheathing tests,
  • production process check etc.