We can begin to provide services from design and modeling of future product both in 2D and 3D using the latest tools based on Siemens PLM platform (including NX - an integrated suite of CAD / CAM / CAE), compatible with all machines at our disposal.

Manufacturing cycle of composite structures based on prepared or received projects is carried out in autoclaving technology based on modern machinery and the following production cycle:
In the clean room with a 10,000 class cleanness fulfilling stringent criteria of storing and using pre-impregnates is located a unit of cooling refrigeration equipment. This space is also equipped with adigital cutting plotter G3 generation by the company ZUND® with a working table size of 2500 x 6000 mm providing the possibility of continuous operation. The Plotter is equipped with a passing -receiving pre-preg tape directly under the cutting blade, for which the path is generated with the help of an integrated 3D modeling system. This solution guaranteesa veryhigh accuracy of cut out nestings. In addition, on the workstations in the clean room, a VIRTEK® 8-head laser projection system is installed that enables for precise placement of subsequent layers of pre-impregnates, which is especially useful for performing structurally complex motor covers.

The polymerization process takes place in the most modern autoclaves by SCHOLZ®Company, which provide ideal temperature stability, pressure and negative pressure of performed processes, while the latest generation of automation makes these devices extremely energy efficient, which significantly reduces costs of the process. We have two autoclaves with the following overall dimensions:
- diameter 2500 mm and length 5000 mm, 
- diameter 3500 mm and length 10 000 mm.
The proper course of the hardening process is guaranteed by the best quality equipment and materials for making negative pressure packages provided by the leading suppliers in this sector.
Indispensable during the instrumentation process (swages, mock-ups, etc.) are made with the help of our own 5-axis CNC milling centre by JOBS - JOMACH 146® company with overall dimensions worktable X: 6000 mm, Y 4000 mm, Z: 2000 mm and with a twisting head of the axles at C +/- 400° and A +/- 220°.The device allows milling of geometrically complex shapes with the accurate of +/- 0.02 mm, which, combined with a maximum rotary spindle speed 24 000 rev./min ensures a very high-class accuracy of surfaces. Mounting such large items on the milling table is possible thanks to negative pressure vacuum mounting system, and the dust extraction system during processing makes the preparatory - completion time shorter. The miller has SIMENS 840D controller fully compatible with the tool path generator that we use, which is the NX CAM. However, an automated tool magazine with installed BLUM system - tool wear measurement, makes the execution of several different operations with one clamping piece unproblematic.
Polymerized and treated composite products are subjected to thorough checks starting from visual inspection, dimensional measuring in compliance with the design documents and the use of ultrasonic flaw detectors type A-scan and Omniscan by OLYMPUS® company giving the ability to create 2D  image. In addition, we have a strength testing post (destructive) in terms of bending and stretching, which allows us to run tests of samples that prove compliance of performed polymerization process,as well as tests of examination of input materials to the lab and performance of re-qualified tests.
Pieces approved by quality control find their way to the finishing operation and then to the varnish booth with workspace dimensions: length - 7000 mm, width - 4000 mm, height - 2800 mm. In addition, we are equipped with a heating chamber with workspace dimensions: length - 4000 mm, width - 2500 mm height - 2000 mm with the capacity of heating elements to the temperature of 250°C. We also have a garage equipped amongst others with a numerically controlled 4-axis milling machine dedicated to steel and aluminum processing for the purpose of making equipment necessary for the bonding of composite structures, milling of molds, punches, swages, handles, sprockets etc. The working space of the table is X: 1035 mm Y: 560 mm and Z: 510 mm, and rotation speed of the spindle is 12 000 rev./min.
The machine enables of machining the following materials:
  • light metals (aluminium, bronze, brass)
  • steel (nonalloyed steel, acid resistant steel, machinery steel)
  • plastics (aramid, PTFE)