About us

The Twenty-first century is a time of development and implementation of new technology that until recently were only dreams of many engineers around the world. Modern technologies are being implemented in both production and research processes.

The answer on demands for new technologies in material engineering area is launching of the most modern European centre of composite structures manufacturing by autoclaved technology along with a research laboratory began its operation in Poland.  It focused on providing services to the aviation industry, resulting in the need for very high standards in all areas. Our idea is also to introduce the technology used so far in aviation in other areas, such as the yacht, automotive, railway and wind power industry. These new technologies can be used wherever it is necessary to use light and durable materials that guarantee high security to the end user.

We are ready to accompany our clients on every stage of the composite construction - from design to manufacture of finished parts.

The implementation of the project was able thanks to the initiative of the Upper Silesian Agency for Entrepreneurship and Development Ltd. and financial support of the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund within Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007 – 2013.


The main element of the launched Centre is the composite structures laboratory in which there are produced composite elements with the use prepregs hardened in autoclave technology and produced elements may be processed with the highest precision possible thanks to the application of five-axis machining centre of large working space.


In the lab for static tests being a component of the Centre it is possible to conduct all endurance and nondestructive tests with the application of the most modern research and measurement equipment.

Quality Management System implemented in the Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry is in compliance with ISO 9001 which ensures the highest level of manufacturing and testing material structures for science and innovation in industry.

Presenting you hereby information we hope that you will take into consideration in your production and research intentions the fact that a new entity has appeared in the country, whose activities may become involved in your current or future intentions.