Resonant fatigue testing of constructions or their elements


The Materials Research Laboratory offers fatigue tests for composite structures including: vibration measurements of single components

  • determining the dynamic characteristics of components,
  • analysis of the recorded signals,
  • Structure Modal Analysis (both experimental and operational).

Modal analysis involves determining the dynamic properties of structures, i.e. their natural frequency, attenuation and the form thereof. These parameters are key factors for the proper use of the construction. The laboratory performs the measurements using the GVT measuring system by LMS company, which includes:

  • vibration inductors:
    - Modal Shop 400N
    - TIRA 1 kN (frequency up to 5400 Hz),
  • 64-channel LMS SCADAS analyzer and piezoelectric acceleration sensors (mono- or tri-axial) recording the measurement results,
  • modal hammers (Impulse Force Test hammer T086D20 and Impulse Force Test hammer T086C03) for testing medium and heavy-weight facilities at low and medium frequencies, allowing the detection of system resonances, modal analysis, determination of temporary characteristics or identification of the technical condition of the tested facility.

The modal analysis results allow adverse dynamic effects (e.g. resonances) to be avoided thanks to modification of the structure, or change of stiffness, damping or mass.