Strength tests of constructions or their elements

The laboratory scope of tests includes static and fatigue tests of entire constructions or their elements.

The MTS Systems testing system is equipped with:

  • a set of MTS actuators for static structural testing (32-240 kN) and dynamic structural testing (25-100 kN), with particular regard to aircraft structures including complete aircraft,
  • control electronics MTS FlexTest to control multi-channel and multi-station strength tests,
  • control software MTS AuroPro, for performing complex tests on aircraft structures,
  • universal software MTS MultiPurpose TestWare,
  • 64-channel tensometric system.

While testing, the tested facilities can be monitored by using theacoustic emission method or thermal imaging system for non-destructive testing. There is also a high-speed camerataking 500 000 frames a second, coupled to the station.